Hi I'm Laura Lynn. I believe that "the difference between adults and kids is simply that, and I treat them as such. " I won't make your children eat shredded cardboard, live an energy-depleting, foggy-brain carb-free lifestyle or have them give up eating pizza." I enjoy working with and teaching kids and teens how to come up with healthy food choice solutions and behaviors that will be work for them.  From what I have seen in in my private practice," Most children and adolescents just don't eat well-balanced nutritious meals and get enough physical activity on a daily basis." No matter what shape, size, weight or nutritional status your child or adolescent may be in, I am a dedicated kid-friendly dietitian who will work diligently and creatively in designing an individualized, age-appropriate nutrition lifestyle and meal plan for your toddler, child or adolescent. Whether they would like to change unhealthy eating habits, have special dietary needs that require medical nutrition therapy to prevent, treat and or curtail a nutrition-related disease, I am here to help them.


The name of my nutrition practice is known as "One Potato Two Tomato TM." I creatively came up with this name because it is a spin off from one of my favorite childhood nursery rhyme games. Not to mention, it sounds cool, kids and parents like it and of course it's nutritionally balanced. 

Ok so, a little more about me, here comes the dry stuff... I graduated from Long Island University with a Master's in Medical Biology and Nutrition.  I have worked in the field of dietetics for over 22 years as a pediatric/maternal-child clinical dietitian at New York Cornell hospital, a public health nutritionist, community nutrition educator, child and adolescent weight management consultant certified with the American Dietetic Association and a former certified youth fitness trainer with AFPA. I absolutely love what I do. My passion lies in reaching and teaching many parents, children and adolescents how to live nutrient-rich and physically active lives while preventing and reducing the risk of nutrition related diseases. 

This site is dedicated in loving memory of my AV

"Sometimes  I Inspire My Patients, More Often they Inspire Me" -Laura Lynn