Making healthy kids into healthy adults


"We believe the difference between kids and adults is simply that! We treat them as such."

One Potato Two Tomato is a private pediatric-adolescent nutrition practice focused on providing professional high quality family, child and adolescent nutrition education, baby & toddler palate-training, nutrition consultations, therapeutic and/or healthy-lifestyle meal plans. 


Whether your child or adolescent may have a nutrition related disease that requires them to follow a special type of diet, or may just be a certain type of eater such as a "Carbosaurus, Snickiddy Snacker, Junk Foodie, Moody Meal Skipper, or Peter Peter Picky Eater."


Our expert Pediatric-Adolescent Registered Dietitians can provide nutrition plans that are custom designed, individually-tailored,

age-appropriate, nutritionally-balanced and easy to follow to help families, kids, tweens and teens to make good nutrition a consistent healthy habit over time. 


Individualized age-appropriate meal plans for babies, toddlers, kids tweens & teens!

Nutrition Services, baby-
toddler palate-training, child adolescent weight management and more...