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Why Choose Our Meal Plan Menus

In addition to our Pedi-RD’s creating and individualizing the healthy lifestyle and /or therapeutic meal plan menu of your choice for your child or adolescent, all of our meal plan menus are based on the following below, except where noted.


  • Our meals plan menus are based on nutrition science and recommendations for children and adolescents from, but not limited to, the American Dietetic Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, USDA, FDA and National Institute of Health.

  • You will choose the meal plan menu that best fits your child or adolescent based on their health, nutrition status, your nutrition concerns and the type of nutrition intervention desired.

  • Most daily calorie, macro and micro nutrient needs are based on your child or adolescent’s daily activity level, and other nutrition and anthropometric data.

  • You’ll know how many calories are appropriate and what portion sizes to serve.

  • The MyPlate food group system is incorporated throughout the meal plan menu’s making it easy for you to be able to identify, classify and make appropriate food and beverage choices and promote food group substitution learning for long lasting healthy lifestyle changes overtime.



  • Meal plan menus include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks unless you are choosing a specific meal plan menu like “Skip rope not breakfast, etc., that is meal or snack specific.

  • Our meal plan menus when optimally followed with food group combinations consumed as recommended, are designed to promote normal hunger cue patterns and satiety times (usually 3-4 hours of “fullness & fuel”) to help promote production and maintenance of healthy blood sugar, hormone levels, eating habits, behaviors and the right kind of energy needed for physical activity throughout the day.



  • Research shows that it can take approximately 21-30 days to make or break a habit depending on the child or adolescent. That’s why we provide 21-30 different meals and snack selections for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Just think: If you cycle through the options one by one, your kids will have made a healthy eating habit by the time you need to repeat a meal or snack. It also gives you the opportunity to do your own meal planning and make substitutions within the same food groups like a fruit for a fruit orange for an apple etc.

  • Food jag and meal boredom are reduced and long-lasting healthy eating habits are increased and sustainable when learning how to substitute another healthy food within the same food group.

  • Meal plan menus can also be used as a handy shopping list & meal planner on your smart phone or other electronic device or computer.

  • Gives your child or adolescent the opportunity to go through the store with the meal plan menu to have fun picking, choosing, reading nutrition facts labels and substituting healthy same or similar food items that they will be more likely to eat when empowered with nutrition knowledge to choose on their own.


Nutritious & Delicious:

  • Natural foods from the ground up offer better nourishment.

  • It’s always best to choose and prepare healthy meals daily from scratch whenever you can, using as many ingredients in their most natural form.  Unfortunately, with most busy parents and childcare providers that task is not always possible.

  • With that in mind, we have developed our meal plans to incorporate a variety of semi-prepared, quick and easy food options without compromising nutritional value.

  • Most of our meals and snacks are complex in carbohydrates, contain fiber, are nutrient dense, devoid of trans & or low in saturated fats, salt, added simple sugars and cholesterol. As well as free of artificial sugar substitutes.

  • These well researched, though-out and planned realistic healthier food options provide balanced meals that enable kids to acquire and maintain good energy, concentration & blood sugar levels throughout the day while eliminating distorted hunger cues and unnecessary snacking/grazing.



  • Many of the recommended foods on our meal plan menus are available at local, private, public and national supermarket, grocery, specialty & health food stores that provide local home delivery of fresh, non-perishable and dry goods as well as online retail grocers to have items shipped directly to your door.

  • If there’s ever a food or beverage item you cannot easily obtain or your child dislikes, it’s no problem. Just substitute another food with the same and/or equivalent or comparable nutritional value within that particular food group(s)

  • You have the ability to purchase any or all dry and frozen goods with a long shelf –life to have on hand monthly and fill-in weekly with perishables which gives you the opportunity to “pull from your pantry” to mix, match & substitute selections.

  • These easy to prepare meal plan menus can involve kids, tweens and teens in the kitchen too. Studies show that children and adolescents are more likely to consume healthy food if it’s available and they take part in age-appropriate preparation or assembly and seeing their parents being healthy eating role models as well.



  • Families lead busy lives. Our quick and easy meal plan menus keep kids on track even if they’re on the go.

  • With healthy fresh, semi-prepared and convenience items, meals can be prepared in the time it takes to stand in line at a fast food restaurant. It’s a similar time investment with a much more positive nutritional impact.

  • It’s a one-time purchase, educational, interchangeable, recyclable healthy lifestyle and or therapeutic meal plan menu that you can use over and over again without getting bored by being creative and becoming savvy in learning how to make many food meal and snack combinations, substitutions, identify how to classify a food, read a nutrition fact label and recognize age appropriate portion and serving sizes.



  • Combining lifestyle and mealtime behavior tips with food recommendations creates a comprehensive, effective change over time. This approach is a lifestyle not a diet. It focuses on the overall goal which is making a transition to overhauling unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and learning a brand-new set of constructive habits in eating and physical activity overtime.  



While our healthy and therapeutic meal plan menus are based on extensive research into children and adolescents’ nutritional needs, they are not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Your child should continue to see his or her pediatrician/healthcare provider while adhering to any nutrition regimen or meal plans. One Potato Two Tomato’s healthy lifestyle and therapeutic meal plan menus are not intended for children with multiple food allergies. Weight loss, gain and or maintenance may or may not occur depending on actual meal plan compliance, physical activity and caloric consumption. If you have any concerns regarding your child or adolescent’s nutrition, eating behaviors, weight status and activity levels and overall well-being, we highly recommend seeing your regular family healthcare professionals, physicians and or providers on a regular or as needed basis. Further regarding our therapeutic meal plan menu’s for specific nutrition related diseases as well as our healthy lifestyle menus please be aware that food manufacturers change their products ingredient information and formulas from time to time without notification, and One Potato Two Tomato is not responsible or liable for any food or beverage ingredient changes. We do our best to recommend food and beverage items for a particular therapeutic meal plan, however, you are ultimately and solely responsible for reading all ingredient labels and contents when making food and beverages choices on any of our meal plan menus for your child or adolescent. These meal plan menus are not intended for children or adolescents with single or multiple food allergies. We do offer a No nuts about its meal plan menu and it is your sole responsibility in reading all ingredient labels for suitability when selecting and purchasing products containing allergens on this meal plan. 

Transitioning and maintaining a well-balanced nutritious daily eating plan is easier than ever with One Potato Two Tomato’s Healthy lifestyle and therapeutic meal plan menus. Click here to choose and order your meal plan menus to today!