Maintaining a strong and healthy athletic performance is more than just a matter of training, practice, and "keeping in shape." Growing bodies need support in the form of proper nutrition, hydration, and rest in order to keep performing and responding at peak levels. Healthy foods are fuel to the body like gasoline is to a car. When you consume a meal or a snack, the food you eat is digested in the body and nutrients are absorbed. This provides the body with energy to perform its necessary functions as food is transformed into calories to maximize athletic performance. Our pedi-dietitians know it is critical that student athletes consume the right kind and enough calories from a variety of different food sources daily. Our Food for Sports meal plan menu provides a balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and proper hydration in specific proportions to comprise the right customized fueling strategy for your child or adolescent athlete to give them an edge to perform their best. 

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