We had a child ask us once if there was a magic potion for breakfast like the fairy godmother made in the Shrek movie that would be quick, taste good, make her healthy and not be hungry in school in the morning?  LOL… so cute huh? While there is no such potion there is something just as potent and powerful: “Breakfast." Consumption of the morning meal is one of the most important things a child does all day. Over 30 years of credible scientific research has proven that a healthy breakfast positively impacts brain function, energy and blood sugar levels, better behavior, class attendance, higher test scores and is key to maintaining a healthy weight throughout the growing years and life. Our “Skip Rope Not Breakfast” healthy Lifestyle meal plan menu gives parents, children and tweens the healthy morning behavior habit skills along with delicious and nutritious food choices that are appropriately balanced for children and adolescents to get their day off with a good start, feel well and grow well. 

Skip Rope Not Breakfast ™

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