“Chicken tenders and french fries, no fruits, no veggies.” Children can become picky eaters for different reasons. Many parents offer their children healthy foods and when the child refuses some parents may give in to the child’s demands out of “fear of them not eating at all.”  This kind of “giving in” behavior may be the easier solution initially, but when trying to re-introduce a healthier choice at a later point in time it becomes much more difficult. Telling children they can have a cookie if they eat their broccoli only reinforces the appeal of the cookie over the veggies. Kids won’t starve, but they can learn to be more flexible in their choices rather than go hungry at times. Research shows that a child’s palate can be “trained” in early childhood to prefer and enjoy healthy foods and beverages without added sugars such as whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables when introduced consistently with patience, dedication, alternately, repetitively and gradually overtime. Our Peter Peter Picky Eater© meal plan menu is designed to help parents introduce healthy age-appropriate serving sizes of foods, solids, textures and liquids to instill and develop healthy eating behaviors and food preferences at an early age throughout the growing years.

Peter Peter Picky Eater ©

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