PCOS is a common and complicated endocrine disorder in adolescent girls that is often undiagnosed. Part of the reason for this may be due to lack of diagnostic criteria. Therefore, Screening for insulin resistance, abnormal glucose levels and hormonal imbalances is vital. PCOS is characterized by high levels of androgens from the ovary and is associated with insulin resistance. Small cysts called poly cysts develop from hormonal imbalances. Other symptoms can include excessive hair growth on the face and body (hirsutism), alopecia, acne, skin problems, and irregular or absent periods. Most adolescent girls with PCOS have some level of insulin resistance and will experience weight gain in the abdomen, have difficulties losing weight, feel intense cravings for carbohydrates, and experience hypoglycemic episodes. Many of these symptoms are commonly experienced during adolescence and can be easily overlooked. Diet and lifestyle changes should be the first line of approach for treating young girls with PCOS. If you suspect PCOS or have been diagnosed with it let our our pedi-adolescent dietitians customize and create a My PCOS meal plan menu so you and your teen know what type of foods to eat, foods to avoid, what macro and micro-nutrients, portion sizes, physical activity and appropriate lifestyle behaviors are needed to help curtail and or eliminate PCOS symptoms and manage their weight.

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