Lacto-ovo-vegetarians consume eggs, milk, dairy products, and plant foods. In recent years vegetarianism has grown in popularity. School-age children become more conscious that animals must be killed in order to obtain meat, and that knowledge may prompt them to choose a vegetarian diet. There are various degrees of vegetarianism, and the strictness of the diet will determine whether your child or adolescent is vulnerable to nutritional shortcomings. Children and teens can be well nourished on all three types of vegetarian diets, but nutritional balance is key and can be very difficult to achieve if dairy products and eggs are completely eliminated. If your child is following a vegetarian diet, guarding against nutritional deficiencies is vital. when child and adolescent vegetarians omit major food groups like dairy and meat and or consume insufficient amounts, they risk calcium, vitamin D,  B-12, iron, zinc, and other minerals that may result in caloric macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies that are needed for health, normal weight gain, proper growth and development.  If your child or adolescent desires a lacto-ovo vegetarian way of eating lifestyle, you can complete our Nutritionomics form and order this meal plan today.

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