The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that all children should be screened once between ages 9 and 11 and again between ages 17 and 21 to determine whether or not further nutrition and or medical intervention may be required to treat, cure or curtail  any hyper or dyslipidemia.  A heart-healthy diet can help prevent or treat high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. If your child has been diagnosed with high cholesterol, you will want to take steps to reduce it. Or, if there is a strong family history of heart disease and high cholesterol you may want to takes steps to reduce the risk of your child or adolescent acquiring it. Our Hardy Heart Smart meal plan is designed to provide the right mix of nutritious and therapeutic foods, and beverages for your child or adolescent to consume along with recommended eating behaviors that can help guide you in getting your child's cholesterol levels back into the normal range or reducing the risk of further elevation and promote overall heart health. Daily physical activities along with a sound nutrition plan containing the right amount of fruits and veggies, fiber, lean and plant animal proteins, whole grains and the right kind and amount of fat is key. If you are concerned with your child or adolescent's overall heart health or have been prescribed a low cholesterol, no salt and or modified fat content diet, order our hardy heart smart meal plan menu today.

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