Appointment & Cancellation Policy

Thank you for choosing One Potato Two Tomato Tele-Nutrition Services. Our mission is to educate, inspire and guide you, your child or adolescent to healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Due to high demand for appointments and services we have implemented this appointment and cancellation policy. We recommend that after purchasing & or booking an appointment that you keep it. As they are difficult to obtain.

All appointments and nutrition services are pre-paid at time of booking and your appointment/service and a “Nutritionomics New Client Intake Form” is to be completed by you and sent back to us within 24 hours in advance prior to your booked/scheduled appointment time to review and prepare for your appointment with one of our Pedi-Adolescent RD’s. 

When you schedule/book an appointment for any nutrition service with One Potato Two Tomato, we do not overbook. We set aside an appointment time devoted only to you, as well as reserve one of our expert registered dietitians to be fully prepared, having received and read your fully completed and submitted prior to your appointment time, “Nutritionomics New Client Intake form.” The appointment cost that you pay is for your scheduled/booked appointment time only, however, our dietitians take time before your appointment and after, that is of no extra cost to you. We do this because we take pride in providing the highest quality nutrition services that will result in the most positive outcome for you, your child and or adolescent. 

For the reasons stated above, we require a 48-hour notice (2 business days excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays) prior to the scheduled appointment time via phone, text or email for all cancellations. If you do cancel your appointment within 48 hours or more we ask that you tell us your name who the appointment was for, the date and time. Cancelling your appointment with the 48- hour time frame will enable you to reschedule your appointment for another date and time within a 30-day time period. Failure to do so will result in you being charged for the full cost of the service. 

When making up and or rescheduling an appointment. It must be done within a 30-day time period or your payment for that session will be forfeited.

Please make sure you are present for all appointments promptly at or a few minutes before your appointment time. However, if you are late for your appointment it will not be extended past your originally scheduled time slot and no money reductions and or refunds will be given for missed/lost time.

If you are not present/reachable via phone or by video conference with us for your appointment and do not honor your commitment to your session time regardless of the reason, you will be responsible and charged for the full cost of the service. 

We understand that life happens and children and adolescent’s daily school, work and play schedules can be hectic and emergencies may occur, but for the consideration of others, please do not wait until the last minute if cancelling your appointment. Please plan accordingly and treat others the way in which you would like to be treated. Thank you.


By visiting our website and making an actual purchase you automatically agree to the terms and condition of this appointment and cancellation policy.

Notice: last modified August 30, 2019.